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Helpful Arisu Tips

Check Your Billing Record

You can check your billing records for the last two years in the Office of Waterworks website.

Convenient Self-meter Reading System

This is a system wherein customers are billed for water usage as they read the water meters installed in their homes. A discount of KRW 600 is applied to each self-meter reading.

Electronic Billing

A customer who has applied for automatic payment receives a 1% discount on water supply and sewage rates (Min. of KRW 200 ~ Max. of KRW 1,000) by shifting to the electronic billing system.

Discount in Case of Water Leak

Prepare documents as proof of water leak and apply for rebate via mail, fax, Internet, or phone or by visiting the office. You will receive a 50% rebate, which represents the amount of leaked water, on your water bill.