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Arisu is

Seoul’s Tap Water, Arisu -
Korea’s Representative Drinking Water

It has been over 100 years since the commencement of water supply at 12,500 tons/day on September 1, 1908 to 125,000 residents in Yongsan and district surrounded by the four gates of old Seoul from the Ttukseom Water Purification Plant built by H. Collbran and H.R. Bostwick at the request of Emperor Gojong. Today, Arisu has positioned itself as a clean, tasty drinking water to represent Korea, and it is being supplied to Cheong Wa Dae (Office of the President), ministerial meetings, and various international conferences.

Origin of the Word Arisu

Arisu is a compound word consisting of “Ari,” which means big in Korean, and “Su,” a Chinese character meaning water. It was the name for Han River during the time of the Goguryeo Dynasty.
In February 2004, in order to improve public preference for tap water, Seoul Waterworks Authority registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office “아리水,” a combination of Korean and Chinese characters, and “Arisu,” an English name, as the new name for the tap water supplied in Seoul.
With the new brand “Arisu,” the tap water in Seoul has been developed as safe, healthy water representing Korea and which is differentiated from the tap water in other cities.

Arisu Logo

The Arisu logo has been designed in the shape of a water drop. The use of blue and white was aimed at fully representing the clean, fresh feeling of tap water. The logo of Arisu as the tap water for all residents in Seoul can be found throughout the city.

Arisu Logo image



Arisu Characters

“Ari and Suri are the characters of Arisu.”
Ari and Suri have been designed to symbolize the cleanliness and freshness of Arisu. The two characters are water fairies living in “Arisu” Village of Seoul Waterworks Authority. They can go anywhere through the water pipes and have the mission of widely publicizing the fact that clean, fresh tap water is safe to enjoy.
In particular, Ari and Suri love children. They find great pleasure in bringing healthy water to children, helping them build strong bones and muscles. Thus, Ari and Suri are wholeheartedly loved by children.