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Arisu Production and Supply

Water Intake Plant
Distributes and supplies raw water to water purification plants
Receiving Well and Mixing Chamber
Stabilizes raw water, adjusts the water quantity, and ensures that purification chemicals are mixed well into the water
Flocculation Chamber and Sedimentation Tank
Flocculates chemicals and turbid matter into a mass (flock) and has the mass precipitated at the bottom of the tank
Filtering Chamber
Filters all remaining particles in the water that has passed through the sedimentation tank as the water flows through sand and gravel layers
Advanced Water Purification
Precision water purification process using the oxidizing power of ozone and absorptive power of granular active carbon
Chlorine Injection
Final process of creating safe, hygienic tap water by injecting a small amount of chlorine to sterilize and remove microorganisms from water
Water Reservoir
Stores water from purification plants until it is sent to homes