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Arisu’s Past and Present

Evolution of Seoul’s Waterworks
  • 1903 Waterworks Management Rights granted to Collbran and Bostwick
  • 1908 Commenced operation of the Ttukdo Water Purification Plant
  • 1941 Completed the Guui Water Purification Plant
  • 1961 Opened five Waterworks Authority (Sinchon, Mia, Nambu, Bukbu, Jungbu)
  • 1962 ~ 1967 Extended the Ttukdo, Noryangjin, and Guui Water Purification Plants and completed the Bogwang Water Purification Plant
  • 1971 ~ 1972 Completed the Yeongdeungpo Water Purification Plant and opened service centers in each Waterworks Authority
  • 1978 ~ 1979 Commenced the operation of Seonyu, Paldang (Gwangam), and Shinwol Water Purification Plants
  • 1986 Completed the Amsa Water Purification Plant
  • 1989 Launched the Seoul Waterworks Authority
  • 1990 Opened the waterworks mobile volunteer group and started the “121” call center operation
  • 1998 Completed the Gangbuk Water Purification Plant
  • 2000 Established and declared the Waterworks Customer Service Code
  • 2001 Opened the Waterworks Authority website, commissioned the meter reading operation to the private sector, and started the production of bottled Arisu
  • 2004 Registered Arisu as a trademark for the tap water in Seoul
  • 2006 Commenced the one-stop tap water help desk service and started the indoor water pipe service team operation
  • 2007 Announced the five-year waterworks vision to achieve the goal of 95% revenue water ratio
  • 2009 Won the grand prize in the UN Public Administration Service Award and acquired certification as an institute of excellent service quality in Korea
  • 2010 Completed the Yeongdeungpo Arisu Purification Center for the first time in Seoul and won the Global Water Industry Innovation Award and International Business Award (IBA)
  • 2011 Announced the four-year plan for healthy and tasty Arisu, completed the advanced purification facility using the domestically produced membrane filtering system in the Yeongdeungpo Arisu Purification Center, and moved and completed the Guui Jayang Water Intake Plant
  • 2012 Completed the advanced purification facility in the Gwangam Arisu Purification Center and won the Global Water Industry Innovation Award
  • 2013 Won the top prize in the national waterworks operation and management evaluation
  • 2014 Completed the advanced purification facilities in the Gangbuk Arisu Purification Center and Amsa Arisu Purification Center
  • 2015 Completed the advanced purification facility in the Ttukdo Arisu Purification Center