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Arisu Quality Verification System

Arisu Quality Verification System

Even if people trust the tap water produced in the water purification plants, s ome are reluctant to drink it because of the management conditions of the water pipes or water tanks. For this reason, the Seoul Metropolitan Government performs comprehensive inspections of indoor water pipes and water tanks and operates the Arisu Quality Verification System for free targeting all households in Seoul to ensure that all citizens can drink tap water with peace of mind. The five basic indicators of tap water safety (chlorine residue, turbidity, ion density, iron, and copper) are examined and reported directly at the assessment site.

Attach the cover suitable for the faucet for water - Good to Drink

If the tap water does not meet the basic guidelines, an additional inspection is conducted on seven items including bacteria. Following the analysis of the causes of any problem detected, the respective households are notified in detail of the actions to be taken, such as cleaning the water tank, replacing old water pipes, and adjusting the water level in water tanks.

Mark for Arisu quality confirmation system

Tips for Water Pipe and Tank Management
Regularly check the water supply facilities (water tank, indoor pipes) at least once a month. Periodically clean the water tank (at least once every six months) and try to keep the water level in the tank as low as possible. Replace old indoor pipes with new anti-rust stainless steel pipes or repair damaged pipes. Move the water tanks located on the rooftop to an indoor location.In case of a need to install a tank outdoors, be sure to place a sunshade over the tank and prevent the inflow of bugs by attaching an insect-proof net on the ventilation holes.
Arisu Fountains for Tourists and Citizens

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is installing Arisu water fountains with cooling units attached so that citizens can enjoy cool, refreshing water anytime, anywhere. In keeping with the image of Seoul as a design city, the water fountain is designed in a sophisticated manner. Beyond being a simple place to drink water, Arisu water fountains which are installed in locations including Namsan and Cheong Wa Dae serve as a place where citizens can relax as well as tourist attractions.