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Civic Tap Water Evaluation Team

Civic Tap Water Evaluation Team

Since 2012, ordinary citizens have been appointed as members of the Civic Tap Water Evaluation Team has been operated annually with over 1,000 citizens as its members and with the goal of improving people’s awareness and enhancing the reliability of tap water by providing correct information and encouraging citizens’ voluntary participation.

As part of the private – public cooperation project, the team strives to foster a sound tap water drinking culture by cooperating with non-profit private organizations, and also reflects issues proposed following monitoring and evaluation through personal participation of the citizens in the key waterworks projects.

Organization of the Civic Evaluation Team and Selection of Operating Group

  • Citizens aged 20 or more and who are interested in and concerned about tap water are invited to become members of the team each year.
  • An operating group is selected from non-profit private organizations through a contest.

Main Tasks

  • Education : Study trip to the Arisu Purification Centers and Waterworks Museum, business presentation and report such as those for sharing the waterworks policy
  • Assessment and Project Participation : Monitoring and assessment of the key water supply projects including monitoring of drinking fountain in parks, evaluation of quality confirmation system and assessment of the total service.
  • Promotional Project : On/Offline PR activities, such as on-site campaign and SNS promotions, etc.
  • Others : Other PR activities including operating group proposal project