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Efficient Management, Benefits to Citizens

World’s Highest Revenue Water Ratio

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has reduced the water leak and achieved the same revenue water ratio as that of advanced countries by managing leakage through continuous introduction of advanced water leak detection equipment and replacement of old water pipes. As of the end of 2018, the revenue water rate is 95.1%, a 39.9% increase compared to that after the inauguration of the Waterworks in 1989 (55.2%).

  • Revenue Water Ratios in Major Cities around the World(2017): LA, U.S. – 80.5%, Tokyo – 95.8%, Paris – 90.3%
  • Average Revenue Water Ratio in Seven Metropolitan Cities in Korea(2018): Busan 93.3%, Incheon 89.9%, Daegu 93.3%, Gwangju 87.5%, Daejeon 93.9%, Ulsan 86.7%

※ Revenue Water Ratio

This is the ratio of the amount of water generating revenues to the total amount of water produced in purification plants. If the ratio is high, it means that the loss from tap water leaks, etc., is small; thus, production volume can be reduced, which can lower the direct costs such as cost of purchasing raw water, chemicals, and power. This in turn means high efficiency of waterworks management, with the cost burden on citizens lowered accordingly (Example : 0.5% rise in the ratio (95.3% in 2016 → 95.8% in 2017) leading to budget saving of KRW 3.4 billion won).

Efforts for Management Improvement, such as Organizational Restructuring

Since the launch of Seoul Waterworks Authority, the number of employees, which peaked at 4,300, has been trimmed to the current 2,100. Seoul Waterworks Authority computerized and automated various processes such as billing and adopted a new waterworks management system (GIS) and a waterworks customer inquiry satisfaction system (UMS). Through efficient management and system improvement, Seoul Waterworks Authority has now become a more streamlined but stronger organization.