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Scientific Water Management

Strict Water Quality Inspection for Safe Tap Water Production

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting water quality inspection on 171 indicators according to the WHO guidelines. Water quality inspection is performed on the water produced in the Arisu Purification Center daily and tap water collected from 450 points across Seoul. In addition, quarterly water quality inspection is conducted at 70 points for stricter water quality control. At the same time, the Arisu Purification Center is conducting real-time surveillance for six water quality indicators by production process using an automatic water quality measuring unit. This way, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is exerting all-out efforts toward producing and delivering safe tap water.

Seoul Water-Now System

Seoul Water-Now System monitors tap water produced in the purification centers 24 hours a day on a real-time basis. Monitoring is carried out in relation to 12 items at a total of 186 points divided into 5 intake points, 6 purification centers, 85 reservoirs, 14 booster stations, and 88 faucets by each stage of tap water delivery to the citizens in Seoul. Through this system, the quality of water consumed by the citizens is managed in real time and round the clock. and will be continuously increased in the future. Since 2008, data on the analysis of tap water quality in relation to this system have been disclosed in Seoul Waterworks Authority website ( Likewise, since 2011, the data have also been posted for access via mobile phone (Mobile Arisu App) or in an electronic signboard for air pollution.

seoul water-now system

Arisu Map

It is a tap water information map for viewing the information on tap water in the region of residence of citizens at a glance. It is possible to easily and conveniently search information on the quality of tap water in your neighborhood, supply route of Arisu and status of construction in your neighborhood, etc. by selecting the location on the map. It is being supplied through the website,

  • Information on the quality of water in your neighborhood: Provision of water quality information measured with automatic quality measurement device in your neighborhood every 1 hour
  • Arisu supply route: Arisu supply route and water quality for each route are provided when you select the location of your home on the map
  • Arisu information: Provides information on the location of drinking fountain in parks, construction and competent waterworks offices.
Waterworks Research Institute

The Waterworks Research Institute focuses on the study of tap water quality and safe, tasty water for the future. It conducts precision inspection on 163 items of water quality as recommended by WHO and posts the results in the website on a regular basis. In addition, it pursues waterworks technology development in line with the international trend of low carbon, green growth. At the same time, the Waterworks Research Institute is providing 16 training courses including the water quality management course for the purpose of fostering waterworks specialists. The institute is producing technological outcomes in various fields ranging from the hi-tech membrane separation technology and environment-friendly ozone process to rust-free pipe development. Having acquired ten domestic patents, the Waterworks Research Institute is currently applying for an international patent and is providing advanced technological power accumulated over the years to support various waterworks projects.

Testing Institution Designation Status and Related Supporting Fields

information about the Testing Institution Designation Status and Related Supporting Fields
Nov. 1989 Designated as a drinking water quality inspection institution
Apr. 2003 Designated as a nationally authorized virus testing institution
Sep. 2004 Designated as a nationally authorized protozoa testing institution
Jan. 2005 Designated as KS Q ISO/IEC 17025(KOLAS)-certified test lab
Jun. 2009 Designated as a nationally authorized Norovirus testing institution

Supporting Water Quality Inspection in the Regional Waterworks System Using Water Quality Analysis Technology

researcher photo

The Waterworks Research Institute currently has approximately 50 researchers with master’s and doctorate degrees and who are supported by 664 types of test equipment in 187 categories. The researchers are involved in the assessment of Seoul's raw and purified water as well as the analysis of tap water in the regional waterworks systems. As an internationally certified KOLAS test lab, the Waterworks Research Institute also supports the local governments of Jeju and Gongju.