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Strict Water Source Management

Arisu - Operation of Water Management Council for the Jamsil Region / Designation of water supply source protection area / Participation in the Han River Water System Management Committee / Operation of environmental watch group for Han River / Expansion of sewerage treatment plant and advanced•treatment process, etc / Support for projects aimed at improvement of water quality at the water supply source

Protection of the water source

Seoul uses the surface water of Han River as water source. The government and cities and provinces along Hangang(River) are jointly implementing a project to improve the water quality in order to protect the water source for Seoul. In particular, the Seoul Metropolitan Government operates the Hangang Environmental Surveillance Team to restrict the discharge of pollutants into or development projects along Hangang(River). In addition, the Ministry of Environment (HangangBasin Environmental Management Office) started raising funds for the management of the HangangBasin in 1999 with the water usage charge as key funding source. Such funds are used in the management of water sources as well as water quality improvement in the upper Han River area and for resident support projects.

24 hour automatic monitoring of water quality at the water source

The Seoul Metropolitan Government performs water source protection and surveillance activities 24 hours a day. It conducts regular water quality inspection in relation to 149 indicators at 5 water intake points and 29 indicators at 16 points in water sources. In particular, using automatic water quality monitoring units, water quality in water sources is monitored round the clock in terms of eight indicators including algae (chlorophyll-a) and phenol. At the intake plants, a bio-monitoring system is operated using microorganisms and algae. At the same time, an oil blocking serves as barrier around the intake plants. In other words, utmost effort is made in protecting water quality. The government has an automatic chemical injection system for optimal water purification facility operation.