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Arisu Park in Our Neighborhood

PLACE OF RELAXATION PRESENTED BY ARISU - West Seoul Lake Park / Seonyudo Park / Arisu Exhibition Hall / Iljasan Astronomy and Herb Park / Yongma Waterfall Park

West Seoul Lake Park

Photo - West Seoul Lake Park

This park is located at the former site of the Shinwol Water Purification Plant, which had produced 120,000 tons of water a day on average but was closed down. It is currently the largest lake park in the southwestern part of Seoul.

  • Hwagok Station, Subway Line 5, Exit #7
  • Bus: Nos. 604, 606, 607
Seonyudo Park

Photo - Seonyudo Park

The site of this park was used for a water purification plant from 1978 to 2000. After the plant was closed down, Korea’s first recycling eco-park was opened in April 2002 using the remaining facilities of the purification plant.

  • Seonyudo Station, Subway Line 9, Exit #2 (7-minute walk from the subway station)
Arisu Nara

Photo - Arisu Exhibition Hall

This is an Arisu exhibition hall within Children’s Grand Park, which offers a range of exciting content such as water-related experiential activities and Arisu Maze. Through the touring course, which takes approximately 40 minutes, children can learn about Arisu as they enjoy various activities.

  • Exit #4, Achasan Station (Back gate of Children’s Grand Park) (Subway Line 5)
  • Exit #1, Children’s Grand Park Station (Subway Line 7)
Iljasan Astronomy and Herb Park

Photo - Iljasan Astronomy and Herb Park

Located around San 42-2, Gil-dong across from Ecological Park, the Iljasan Astronomy and Herb Park consists of an herb garden, a medicinal herb garden, and a rock garden. Functioning as a border between Gangdong-gu of Seoul and Hanam-si of Gyeonggi-do, Iljasan is a hill where the beautiful nature is well-preserved. The park was developed on the hilltop, which has the best view and rich soil for plant growing by planting 41,586 specimens of 167 plant species. Forming a green zone with the Gil-dong Ecological Park and Iljasan Nature Park, Iljasan Astronomy and Herb Park is very much loved by local residents and as a popular tourist site.

Yongma Waterfall Park

Photo - Yongma Waterfall Park

Yongma Waterfall Park, which is located halfway up the Yongmasan, the highest peak of Mt. Acha, consists of three artificial waterfalls and a pond. Auxiliary facilities include four swimming pools, a football field, a badminton court, a tennis court, and a gate ball court. Amenities such as lookout shed and tables are installed across the park. The park also features Suiseki Garden and Sky Park as well as an observation deck and an outdoor concert hall.

Yongma Waterfall, which has height of 51m, is the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia. Cheongnyong Falls and Baengma Falls, which are over 20m high, are located on the sides of Yongma Waterfall. The central lawn is used as an outdoor wedding venue. In winter time, the falls freeze and provide a space for enjoying ice climbing. The pond is also used as a skating rink.