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Arisu Tour Course

Course 1 : Arisu Historical Tour
Ttukdo Arisu Water Purification Center
Korea’s first water purification plant with 110 years of history
Waterworks Museum
This museum’s main building and slow filtering chamber are preserved as Tangible Cultural Asset #72 designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
Visitors can participate in a variety of exciting water and environment-themed experiential learning programs, along with tours of exhibitions through which they can learn the history and culture of tap water.
Seoul Forest
In addition to five theme parks, you can stroll through a magnificent trail to enjoy the beautiful nature and change of seasons

Course 2 : Family Fun Tour
Arisu World
With two ground levels and one basement level, Arisu World is located within the Children’s Grand Park in Neung-dong, Seoul. As Korea’s first water exhibition center for children, Arisu World offers a variety of experience-type courses.
Guui Water Purification Center/Guui Cultural Asset
Guui Water Purification Plants 1 and 2, which show the history of waterworks system in Korea, have been registered as cultural heritage.

Course 3 : Arisu Eco Tour
Yeongdeungpo Advanced Water Purification Center
As an eco-friendly water purification plant located along the Han River, it is fully equipped with Seoul’s first advanced water treatment facility and also has a production unit for bottled Arisu.
West Seoul Lake Park
Located at the former site of the Sinwol Purification Center, West Seoul Lake Park was built by recycling the purification plant facilities.
The structures harmonize well with the surrounding landscape, creating a fresh, unique atmosphere.