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Tour of the Waterworks Research Institute

Target : Waterworks professionals (government employees and foreigners)
Tour program
information about the Tour program
General Information Main tasks and overview of the institute
Arisu Video Arisu promotional video and consumer report video
Research Lab Tour Organic Lab Analysis of organic solvents (pesticides and benzene) and disinfectant byproducts using state-of-the-art equipment
Inorganic Lab Analysis of minerals (iron, manganese, copper), heavy metals (lead, chrome), and radioactive materials
Microbial Lab Examination of total coliform and colon bacteria
Water Purification Lab Research on new technologies such as UV sterilization and membrane filtration
Algae Lab Examination of algae types and occurrence rate in Han River
Advanced Water
Purification Lab
Research on advanced water purification technology, such as use of ozone and granular active carbon
Demonstration Plant Advanced water purification facility (ozone, granular active carbon, double filtration)
Q&A Session Q&A on tap water and waterworks technology

※ Tour on a specialized field available upon request

Application Method : By phone
Model School Selection : Waterworks Research Institute (+82-2-3146-1873)

Photo - Tour of the Waterworks Research Institute